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information on OUR firewood

FirwoodOur top selling firewood is Almond. We sell more almond firewood than everything else combined. The only firewood that burns hotter in this part of the country is olive but we don't always have olive in stock. The trees are worth too much to just let die. Almond firewood burns very hot, but with half the ash of some other hardwoods.

Oak is another good burning firewood which burns hot and long. Oak, however, is a protected tree and the pricing in the market reflects that. None of our oak firewood is from San Diego County. The Goldspotted oak borer is an invasive pest contributing to the on-going oak tree mortality occurring on federal, state, private, and local Native American lands in San Diego County. Beware where the oak you buy is coming from!

If your not really looking for heat, a backyard firepit with one of the fruitwoods may be an excellent choice. We usually have peach, orange, apricot and plum in stock but can special order others. We carry walnut firewood at different times of the year and while considered a hardwood it's very light weight (and lights easily) but doesn't put off the heat like almond or oak will.



Our top 3 Cooking Woods

  • Hickory - Texas BBQ. Very strong distinct flavor. You don't need much of this wood.
  • Red Oak - Nothing is better for beef. Our red oak has the thick bark and is transported on the Central Coast. California Coastal Live Oak is the real name. Don't be fooled. Live oak grows all over the state, but they don't taste the same. The secret behind Santa Maria Style BBQ.
  • Almond - Mild flavor. Usually mixed with a fruit wood or red oak. For smoking almond is usually used as the base wood to get and keep the temperature up.


photos of firewood cord sizes

Quarter Cord of Firewood

Cozy Fireplace

Half Cord of Firewood

Cord of Firewood

Full Cord of Firewood

Wood Fired Pizza Oven


Heating CHART - Fuel Comparison

Fuel Type  Fuel Unit Fuel Price Fuel Heat Content (Per unit - BTU) Units required per 1 million BTUs Cost per 1 Million BTUs of Heat
Electricity KiloWatt-hour $0.16 3412 293.08 $47.89
Natural Gas Therm $2.95 100,000 10 $29.50
Propane  Gallon $3.69 91,333 10.95 $40.41
Almond Wood Cord $360 19,740,000 0.05 $18.00

Wood Type / Heat Produced Per Cord Per 1 Million BTU's

Olive Almond Oak Eucalyptus Hickory Peach Cherry Apple Pecan
37.3 32.9 28.5 28 27.7 27 27 26.6 26

Plum Walnut Juniper Avocado Sycamore Redwood Pine Cottonwood Cedar
26 22.2 21.8 20.7 19.5 18.5 15.8 13.5 12.2






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